Sculpting is like giving visually identifiable form to what moves me emotionally, physically from one moment to the next.  I began working with clay in 2010, learning at first to throw on the wheel and create functional pottery. At that time my focus was fully pinned on the culmination of functionality and art. Life’s harmony drew me early on into the world of painting on pottery. As this centrifugal understanding steadied its foothold my work became prolific and abundant. The next four years found me building a concrete world of studio life, clay-people relationships, potters organizations, and key roles. An almost daily pilgrimage took me to a studio in Langley Park which became the center for all my pottery work, except the painting part, and that I did at home. During this time I was fortunate to experience deep and rich engagements with pottery organizations, as board member, as co-president, as chair of several ceramic shows, as treasurer, etcetera. Meanwhile I was also selling my work through ceramic shows, retail venues, as commissioned pieces, some national online sales and private showings, all of which happily for me gained a steady following. A transition across the country transported me into experimental interpretations with clay, a new exciting journey in sculpture. Without planning on it, I created a series, a body of representational work that in a subtle and gentle way echoes some parts of my life journey. Clay has become intrinsic to my very way of being.